Service Calls

Warranty Work

If you have any defects or faults that have occurred during the period of warranty, as per our terms and conditions, just call the office or send us an e-mail and we will attend to the problem as soon as possible.

Issues relating to locks, non-closing doors or windows are treated as a priority. We aim to fix this type of problem as quickly as possible or, at least, ensure that your property is made secure while we wait for any parts to be available. Most other matters are usually be dealt with within a few days or as soon as any materials needed are available.

Failed or Damaged Sealed Units

Modern production methods appear to be improving the lifespan of double glazed units but eventually even the very best sealed units will fail or become victim of accidental damage. When this happens there is the option to replace like for like or to consider installing argon gassed or triple glazed units and increase the thermal rating of your windows.

Woodham Windows can offer all three replacement options at competitive prices complete with a five year manufacturer's backed warranty. So, if you have accidentally damaged a unit or are experiencing misted up glass or condensation either on the internal window pane surface or within the existing unit, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with a written quotation to supply and install new sealed glazed units.

Faulty Locks or Handles

Considering just how often window handles and door locks are used it is surprising just how durable they are. Through our large network of manufacturers and suppliers we can source most fittings that have been used over the last twenty years or so and even some that are older. Woodham Windows carries warehouse stock of the most popular locks and handles.

Dropped Doors

Doors along with many other objects can be affected by severe temperature changes. Most materials including PVC-u expand and contract to some degree or another, this is something taken into consideration during the manufacturing process. Unfortunately buildings have a tendency to move as well and this can result in the door appearing to drop. For the experienced fitter a dropped door is something that can usually be rectified by adjusting either the hinges, the spacers or both. Woodham Windows has the expertise needed to undertake this work.

Just fancy a Change?

Sometimes after re-decorating or changing the theme of a room the existing window or door fittings just look out of place, the gold power points have been replaced with brushed aluminium or the white light switches with chrome. Most window or door furniture can be changed for less than you might think, just call Woodham Windows with your requirements and we will happily provide a quotation to supply and install your new fittings.

Call-out Charges

Obviously, any work carried out under warranty is free of charge and quotations for replacement glazed units include the labour, but for other service calls we charge a fixed rate of £45.00 + vat for the first hour and £20.00 + vat for any subsequent hours or part thereof. Should a second visit be necessary to remedy the original problem, eg returning with the correct handle, then it would only be charged at the lower rate.

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